Charles Viancin, inspired

by nature®

Inspired By Nature
“Nature makes nothing useless.”

Nature is a
continual source of inspiration
for Charles Viancin

whose creative process takes place, from the initial sketches to the final model, in an isolated town in the French Alps. In order to continue designing aesthetically pleasing products that are equal parts fun and functional, Charles Viancin pursues inspiration with a fiery passion. He draws from the shapes, sounds, sights, and smells that surround him whether he’s taking a casual stroll with his family or traveling abroad. He scours the globe for the next big idea

Oftentimes he finds
that the biggest inspirations are in the
surprisingly simplest scenery

a field of poppies; a bouqet of daisies ripe for plucking off each petal and whispering, “he loves me- he loves me not”; the serene, zen-like atmosphere of a pond strewn with lily pads; the frivolous dance steps of a solitary snowflake; the warm, embracing glow of a fully-bloomed sunflower; the breathtaking spectacle of a hundred cherry-blossoms sailing through the sky simultaneously; the immense amount of joy felt in finding a four-leaf clover; the exotic look and feel of a banana tree leaf swaying in the wind; a pumpkin patch on a clear autumn day; the kaleidescopic wonder of a thousand butterfly wings delicately flapping in unison; or the deep tranquility of a seashell tucked into its sandy ocean bed.

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