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Drinkware accessories

Bottle Stoppers

Fun, functional, and fashionable- the CHARLES VIANCIN® silicone bottle stoppers are ideal for recorking open bottles. Practical for parties of all shapes and sizes, the bottle stopper excels at preserving freshness and flavor. The silicone construction creates an airtight seal that prevents wine from oxidizing. Our innovative design fits a wide range of bottles and comes in a large selection of styles inspired by nature including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®.

Drink Covers

Our silicone drink covers keep your coffees, teas, and cocoas piping hot and your fruit juices, soft drinks, and cocktails refreshingly cool. The silicone construction creates an airtight seal on most glasses regardless of whether they’re glass, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, or even wood. In addition to insulating your next beverage, our drink covers also protect your precious liquids from winged pests! Cover your glasses in a wide range of styles including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®. CHARLES VIANCIN® drink covers are safe to use with most appliances including: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.


Cover your drinking glasses in CHARLES VIANCIN® from top to bottom ! Our silicone coasters complement our drink covers quite nicely. Their curved design prevents your glass from shifting and holds the condensation generated from your hot or cold beverage. Their grooves also help prevent them from slipping on already wet surfaces. Keep your beverages safe in a wide range of styles including : POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAd®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®.

Drink Markers

Liven up a plain drinking glass with a set of CHARLES VIANCIN® drink markers. Designed with a suction cup on the back, our markers are styled after the typical garden scenery, full of delicate flowers and butterfly wings flapping lightly in the breeze. They easily adhere to most glasses with smooth surfaces such as the base of a wine glass. Sold in sets of 6, the CHARLES VIANCIN® drink marker is the perfect party accessory, ensuring that every guest recognizes which glass is theirs. Let your glass stand out with our large selection of styles including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®

Pourers & Bottle Stoppers

The silicone pourer and bottle stopper by CHARLES VIANCIN® is a vital tool for the amateur wine drinker. Simply placing it over the neck of an opened wine bottle ensures a clean and delicate pour. The removable vine shoot or flower pistil functions as a bottle stopper which creates an airtight seal that prevents wine from oxidizing. Constructed out of durable silicone, the pourer and bottle stopper is safe to use in the refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher. Available in two fun styles: POINTSETTIA® and GRAPE™.