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Tea accessories

Mugs and teapots

Beautiful to behold, our mugs and teapots, inspired by the Camellia leaves and best-selling Poppy flowers are the mainstays of our tea accessories. Incredibly versatile, they are designed to work with many of our other tea accessories ensuring you the best tea experience.
Our teapots (2 or 4 cup sizes available) provide the perfect pour whilst keeping your hands safe and your tea set looking fabulous! The silicone seal prevents both rim and lid from chipping.

Tea Infusers

The Charles Viancin Infusers are our latest accessories designed to help tea lovers get the most out of their next cup of tranquillity. Incorporating the sleek blades of the camellia leaf or lively poppy flowers in their design, our infusers bring the most exquisite flavours out of your drinking experience.
The Camellia Tea Magnet and Infuser make life easy for you. The infuser is easily removed once your brew has reached perfection. Coupled with the sets tip tea strainer and mug, you have the perfect tea lovers gift for any occasion.

Tea saucers

Our new saucers add that extra little dash of colour to your home, with blossoms which stay bright and beautiful all year round! The silicone grip on our Poppy, Daisy or Camellia tea saucers protect coffee tables and make messes a thing of the past. Our tea saucers are also perfect for resting spoons!