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Airtight lids


In the shape of flowers, fruits, vegetables, butterfly, flake or other round designs, five sizes are available: 33, 28, 23, 20 and 15 cms diameter. In the shape of banana tree leaf, he adapts itself to the rectangular dishes. In nuances of red, green, orange, yellow or white, each chooses its design and its color according to its tastes and its style of decoration: lids LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, POPPY®, HIBISCUS®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, BANANALEAF®! In silicone, he resists heat until  230 ° C in the oven and in the microwave oven and in the cold until -40 ° C. He avoids spatters and keeps the vapor during the cooking. He cleans itself easily in wash dishes. Finished the wasting of paper movie or aluminum! 100 % in silicone, the lid CHARLES VIANCIN® is reusable in the infinity, easy to remove and to reposition. Not containing a bisphenol A, he guarantees a healthy cooking. Practise, design and essential!

New range POPPY POP

Inspired by our favorite flower , the poppy, we created this range of stretchable and totally hermetic lids so that you can protect your food but also and especially that you can take them everywhere without knocking spilling everything!

Our lid Poppy Pop returns all your hermetic salad bowls thanks to their system of membrane. The storage and the pile become much more easier to win place in your refrigerator!
Available in 5 sizes and 9 different colors, a bouquet of happiness in your kitchen!